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Zebra Advertisement has primarily four kinds of clients for Facebook Marketing:

1. Small Businesses that need Facebook Ad campaigns, custom headers, status update management and more.

2. Large Enterprises that want to expand brand value.

3. Large Enterprises that want to generate more sales and leads.

4. Accounts that need to monitor sentiments in real-time and keep up with their audience.

We provide a variety of Facebook Marketing Services for businesses of all sizes. Please find an overview below.

Facebook Services Overview

Facebook Account Management

Don’t have the time to keep up with what’s happening in real-time? We can manage your Facebook account for you, monitor how people feel about your brand in real-time, and systematically track performance. We optimize Facebook accounts daily to keep up with Facebook traffic volumes and customer behaviors that constantly change.

Facebook Ads

We create, manage, and maintain your Facebook Ads, while focusing on understanding your customers to create a campaign tailored to your needs to generate sales and leads, not just engagement. We can build your campaign across multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to provide a cohesive brand for you. Get started with Facebook Ads today!

Facebook Graphics

We first get a brief overview of what our clients want and then come up with the ad graphics, catchy headlines and descriptions for the ads. Content types also include featured images, photo galleries, infographics, vines, and more. We can provide custom Facebook headers for an event or sale you have coming up and create special headers for holidays.


$30M+ spent on Facebook

We run hundreds of accounts that need daily attention. We have a team in place that is ready to provide dedicated support and expertise to generate sales and leads.

We focus on your goal

We run hundreds of accounts that need daily attention. We have a team in place that is ready to provide dedicated support and expertise to generate sales and leads.

Premier Customer Service

We will provide an experienced team to work on your Facebook account that is easy to reach. We can arrange our team to work from your office as well.

Featured by Facebook

Facebook features advertisers on their business success Facebook page. The campaign Zebra Advertisement created for client Vet Organics was featured for outstanding results.


Increase in online sales in 4 weeks


Decrease in cost per aquisition


Increase in revenue

Here are examples of some of our campaigns’ results over the last year

This is an example of an e-commerce campaign that shows how different platforms converted at great costs month after month.
This is an example of a body building supplement company that tested different target audiences to see what worked best. All target audiences generated great results.
This is an example of a company that sells pet products and shows the actions taken by users on their Facebook page. We can break down your results by reactions, comments, like, etc. to give you the results you’re looking for.


We love what we do and would love to provide our services to you in order to make your business more successful.

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