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Zebra Advertisement has primarily two kinds of clients for YouTube Advertising:​

1. Businesses that want to boost their brand recognition through video or banner ads.

2. Small businesses that are looking to boost local awareness.

We provide a variety of YouTube Advertising Services for businesses of all sizes. Please find an overview below.

Google Premier Partner For Consulting YouTube

 We helped hundreds of companies develop effective YouTube strategies. We consulted businesses on video creation, created and implemented their advertising strategies and generated leads and sales for them on this exceptional sales channel. Partner with the team at Zebra Advertisement: we will make sure your brand will get the attention it deserves from potential customers.


“You might have a great thing- but if you don’t know how to market, then you can’t succeed.”

John Kappor
Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur

YouTube Advertising Services Overview

YouTube Ads Strategy

First, we identify your target audience for the campaign and build a strategy. We want to make sure that we reach your audience to give you the results you’re looking for. Our main focus is to increase brand recognition through video or banner ads on YouTube.

YouTube Ad Management

We can manage your YouTube account for you, monitor how people feel about your brand in real-time and systematically track performance. Expansion and remarketing strategies can also run as video or banner ads in order to attract more customers.

YouTube Graphics

We provide graphics that are optimized for Youtube. Content types include featured images, photo galleries, infographics, vines and more. We also provide video consulting for video ads.


$10M+ spent on YouTube

We run hundreds of accounts that need daily attention with budgets large to small in many industries. We have a team in place that is ready to provide dedicated support and expertise to generate sales and leads.

We focus on your goal

Unlike other advertisers, we don’t just focus on getting you clicks. We optimize your campaign daily to get you the traffic that will most likely result in conversions.

Premier Customer Service

We understand your goal and work together to achieve that, unlike other agencies who do not work with their clients to achieve their main goal.You will get a dedicated account manager at your disposal.


We love what we do and would love to provide our services to you in order to make your business more successful.

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